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The Vampire Waltz


Come take your partners

The dance will begin

For the Vampire Waltz

Where love is a sin

Into the hall

Every man and woman prances

Each one to the other

Fakes pride in side glances

Each mask covers pain and sorrow and hope

Who holds to his eye this kaleidoscope?

Come take your partners

The castle’s alight

The spark of love’s fragrance the moon doth ignite

Gone are past worries, gone are past cares

Buried deep in the promise of a new love affair!

What we imagine we try to create

We work it all out and then call it fate!

But what we’ve imagined is impossible to find

So with our eyes wide open the blind lead the blind

When we are cursed with a fixed idea

It’s amazing how many apparitions appear!

“So though I am twisted and crippled inside

On my knees I implore you come be my bride”

The party is over

The castle is gone

But the ghosts of our longings dance on and on

Buried alive in the tomb of our dreams

They come out to haunt us

With new plans and schemes!

Drive a stake of fulfilment

Through each heart’s desire

Ten more will appear to add fuel to the fire

Now say goodbye to your partners

The dance will soon end

For the Vampire Waltz

Is only pretend

© Felicity Buirski 1988