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The Lover Of Your Life

(Also called: Come To Me Darling)

In 1981, whilst on the beautiful Island of Maui, I wrote a song about the Feminine aspect of God called “The Lover of your Life” (Also known as Come To Me Darling).  

My human, though no less divine, love for Leonard inspired me to write it.

I played it to him on his little portable tape machine in his kitchen in Los Angeles in 1988.  I was overjoyed when he said he really loved it.

He later told me he had a vision of the Divine Feminine whilst meditating on Mount Baldy and thinking of my song.

I treasure this memory!

Like so many others whom you have inspired Leonard, I will love you forever and a day.

You are an informed witness to our suffering and your beautiful songs a balm to our wounds.

Heart broken over the loss of Leonard Cohen

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