Our conscious and unconscious quest for wholeness pervades our lives. Most women are quartered or halved with an emphasis on one or two aspects. As Jung discovered and I have experienced as true, the female psyche is made up of four component parts. They are rarely integrated in equal strength in any one woman... yet!

The four aspects are:




Mother/Wise woman

We inherit our dynamics from our parents often in pendulum fashion responding to our mother's predominance by manifesting its opposite, in an attempt to reach for completion, between us.

On a global, evolutionary scale, the Courtesan and Mother/Wife has been forcibly polarised through the ages, most predominantly for paternity confidence, enforced by the fidelity demanded by men and the church through religious marital vows and men's 'headship', rather than by true choice.

Only recently in 'modern' times with women's first steps to emancipation - entering the work-force, being 'allowed' to own property, instead of being property, (look how Miss,Mrs and Ms relates us to men but has no matching masculine trinity) the contraceptive pill and the Welfare State, are we freer to choose who we will be and to be it visibly. Like every manmade solution the contraceptive pill came with a price; read  Bitter Pill by Ellen Grant for a fuller understanding on this.

Most men are searching for the 'perfect' woman - the love of their lives - the complete partner. If men marry the Courtesan/Warrior, unless he is enlightened he either consciously or unconsciously turns her into his Mother/Madonna, then seeks completion in the arms of a mistress of the Warrior/Courtesan type. Of course there are many variations on this theme. Holistically, none of these split off parts actually exist, when collectively they become integrated into the women God intended us to be - neither virgin nor whore.

What men are ultimately looking for in a woman is one who has integrated all four aspects of the female self.; a pregnant virgin.. A woman  decontaminated by the splintering effects of carnal, societal expectations and full of the creative life force of her intrinsic, spiritually inspired, whole being. For a man to recognise this he too has to become integrated and fully conscious.

My desire is to be myself in the fullness of my being with the man I love, also with everyone, but especially with the man I love.


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