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We are not alone.

There are millions of us.

Women wounded.

Proud but uncertain, with one foot in the upheaval of the present and the other in the mists of a newly emerging paradigm. We are warrior women, clanking, soldier-like into the 21st Century in an awkward armour forged in the flower-power sixties to protect us from the ravages of the 'liberating sexual equality' that made fools of us all.

Physiologically wounded and weakened by invasive hormone solutions, slowly poisoned by the food we eat and the air we breathe; to say nothing of botox and filler. Psychologically and emotionally fragmented. We have such dreams of transforming the world, but we have difficulty healing ourselves.

Most of the women I know are groaning in travail, usually into the privacy of their own pillows. We are trying to give birth to the women we want to be, rather than remain the women we became.

And sisters, we are not alone. Many men share our plight. Cut off from their feelings, harnessed in the restraints of patriarchal expectations, they too are trying to free themselves. We are men and women together, both victims of the War. But the War is entering its final stage. Mother Earth is being mutilated and choked so extensively we can no longer ignore her. Women's delicate endocrine systems and hormone balance knocked for six by internal and external pollutants are creating such a myriad of strange disorders; they can no longer be dismissed as 'merely neurotic'. Men too are breathing the same air and eating the same chemically sprayed and mutilated crops and drinking the hormone-riddled water that pours so innocently from our taps. Greed and ignorance is not a respecter of either sex.

Men and women together, caught up in the nets of transmigration. Out of this three dimensional quagmire we are struggling to emerge. Like land-locked Mermaids and wounded Fisher Kings we have not yet the strength, or the legs, or indeed the will to embrace the Spiritual realm and usher the fourth dimension fully into our world. So God remains in the constraint of the various patriarchal religions and the feminine aspect remains in exile and we face each day like a battle because in separation we cannot know lasting peace.

When we forget who we really are and fail to cherish one another and the 'king' and 'queen' remain outside our consciousness, our relationships, no matter how full of promise, revert to the mundane and we feel disappointed and betrayed. When alone, we long for our 'other half' and when we think we find them, we are afraid of being sacrificed, of getting lost and losing the half we had. Caught up in the rush, trapped or on the run, not really knowing from whence we've come, or where we are going, pregnant with a new age but reluctant to release the old. With such custodians, our planet mirrors our confusion and struggle.

We cannot begin to heal the world until each of us, individually, in pairs, or in groups heal ourselves and each other. We know this. But it requires profound effort. We may even think it is selfish to do so. But if we have no real Self, we cannot begin to be truly selfless. True sacrifice must include the element of choice. And it is so very painful owning up, reclaiming, and recycling our own psychic dumping grounds.

But once the rubbish is burned up in the fire of forgiveness and our suppressed and often disowned rage is doused with our tears; when everything is cleared and integrated in the light of truth, compassion and understanding, it is amazing what we will see grow on such fertile soil.

Let us say farewell to Patriarchy and let us not return to Matriarchy. Let us give life and our full support to the Oneness of us all.

To all fellow travellers on this strange and wonderful journey, may I wish you God speed and may we all make it safely Home.