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Love is a river

 That flows on and on

With ineffable force ineluctably strong.

 It’s stronger than life and it’s stronger than me.

It never gives up till it reaches the sea.

Thought I’d found me a boat,

And I want you to know

That I’ve tried so hard

To go with the flow.

But I’m always left stranded

Upstream and alone

Like a fish out of water

Who’s lost her way home.

I’ve tried to get close.

I’ve tried to break through

But I just trickle over you.

I just trickle over you.

I long to be close,

But I won’t give in

 Let the river run through me

Where Love’s never been.

I’m shored up with pain

And damned up with pride.

Unable to love

Cos I’m unable to cry.

But Love is a river

That cannot be damned.

She’ll burst her banks

Just as God planned.

For the pain of the child inside

Won’t go away.

She comes back to haunt me

Day after day.

And the pain and the passion

That eddies and swirls

Is the irritation

That produces the pearls.

It’s stronger than Death

And it’s stronger than me.

The River flows on

Till it reaches the sea.

So come burst your banks

On me.

Please come burst your banks

On me.

© Felicity Buirski June 1996.