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Woman (I’m Back)

I'm back.

And I'm in tact.

I'm a Pregnant Virgin.

And I'm emerging


where I belong.

Out of my chrysalis of dark despair -

shaved it twice, now I've grown my hair.

I am unsullied,

but now I'm touched,

but with Love this time and not with Lust.

I want you to come with me inside our Home,

sit next to me on our given throne.

I'm the Queen of Woman.

I'm man's last hope.

I'm the final picture in this kaleidoscope.

I am gentle.

I am strong.

I'm the Queen of Heaven.

Queen of Song.

I want your love.

I want your undivided attention.

I want you to join me in the fourth dimension.

I'm the One they forgot to mention.

Let my tight embrace squeeze you into freedom.

Let my perfect love frighten off the demon.

I am a rocket encapsulating everything you are,

equipped for long journeys -

but infinity's not far.

What caused this thing you men call war?

Was it the split of the Virgin and the Whore?

Why do you go in search of death instead of life,

desperately seeking fulfilment in a mistress and a wife?

The pressure's off boys!

A complete Woman has emerged.

And she's been unified,



© Felicity Buirski 1989