So many have tried.

So many have failed.

And those who really tried to love me

I crucified and nailed.

I look at them all.

Look at them all

But they'd take me to Paris!

Or they’d whisk me off to Rome!

And if only we'd known

We could all have stayed at home

Instead of going to Rome.

Going to Rome.

But it all held such promise.

Or was it a threat?

All I seem to remember of the Eiffel Tower

Is that it always seemed to be wet.

And that other monstrosity!

The thing that's kind of inside out

Where you never actually get to see anything

From being too tired out.

But you look at him

And you see flaw after flaw.

Floor after floor.

Flaw after flaw

And you don't want to see more

When you see flaw after flaw.

And it makes you want to hate him

But you would've any way.

And what's there left to do

When you can't get away?

You go get a pancake,

Or is it a crepe?

Or you go watch a juggler

Or some trapped man escape.

And you want to go home.

You just want to go home.

You want to be alone.

You want to go home.

Or they'd take me to Amsterdam

To find out who I am.

And when they found out what I was like

They'd call me an old canal or a windmill

And I'd want to go home.

And if they were rich

Why they'd take me to New York!

Where after a night of passion

The next they'd want to talk -

About "How could you do this to me!

Come into my life, make me lie to my wife?"

And they'd want to go home.

They'd want to Atone

At home.

And I did all this travelling for you lover.

So why won't you come to me?

What is it I've done?

Except maybe torture a few of your compatriots

(And some of my own)

Because you wouldn't come.

So won't you come home now darling?

Won't you come home?

'Cause I'm so tired, tired of travelling.

And I'm so tired -

Oh so tired of being alone.

So won't you come home?

Whoever you are?

Please come home.

Won't you come home?

© Felicity Buirski 1985/6.


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