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I am a Singer Songwriter, a wayfarer who shares the fruits of my experiences in the music and lyrics expressed in four albums.

The first two albums, “Repairs & Alterations” and “Interior Design”, are available now and can be purchased below as an MP3 download.


Submit 9 songs  Length: 49’  Size: 67 MB Dream on Marilyn Heartless hotel Travelling home I Am The Lord Rumpelstiltskin Executioner’s song Let there be light Come to me darling

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10 songs  Length: 53’  Size: 122 MB


Submit Strange and familiar Warrior woman The window and me Soldiers of the Spirit More than a lover Fortitude of pain Is it over? Interior design Blow the bridges Repairs and alterations 09 Come To Me Darling.mp3 01 Dream On.mp3 02 Marilyn.mp3 08 Let There Be Light.mp3 07 Executioner's Song.mp3 06 Rumpelstiltskin.mp3 05 I Am The Lord.mp3 04 Travalling Home.mp3 04 Travalling Home.mp3 09 Blow The Bridges.mp3 01 Strange And Familiar.mp3 02 Warrior Woman.mp3 08 Interior Design.mp3 07 Is It Over (Internal Bleeding).mp3 06 Fortitude Of Pain.mp3 05 More Than A lover.mp3 04 Soldiers Of The Spirit.mp3 03 The Window And Me.mp3 10 Repairs And Alterations.mp3


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One woman's journey from illusion to light


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