Come to me darling lay by my side

Hold me tight till morning is nigh

When you turn over I will turn too

I won't fight it I'll bend with you

I am yours

I've been yours before

A Pillar an Archway an Open Door.

I'll dance to your longing just like a shadow

Into the nights' cold dark hollow

Where nothing can harm us under the sun

There's safety in numbers together we're One.

Behold I am fair but I'll never judge you

My Beauty is strong but I won't let it crush you

For I am the One you can't find a name for

I am the One you came all this way for

I am the lover of your life

I am a comfort to the sick and the dying -

Those sick of love and those sick of lying

I can make you what you already are

Right here and right now

I can take you that far

I'll sing your praises in a strange land

By a dry riverbed by the touch of my hand

I'll be your fortress round your high tower -

Cover your weakness unleash your power

For I am the One you've waited your life for

I am the One you stepped into the Flame for

I am the lover of your life.

Look I want you to wake me if you stir in the night

When memory moves you or the moon's too bright

And your heart's full of sorrow and you've no idea why

And you'd like to work it out but you're too tired to try

I will uplift you in a vision of love

Then I'll be a little angel and go down from above

And we'll offer it up by the light of the moon

And just before dawn and again at high noon

You will remember me more than the wine

For I am immortal.



Now I really must leave you

I've stayed far too long

And said much too much for the sake of a song

And you know that I'm just some old lady of the night -

A comfort in darkness too bright in the light

But I want you to know you can call me any time

Just tell the Man you know me

And you can call me by my name

Just ask for 'Grace' or


© Felicity Buirski 1982.


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Come To Me Darling