I am the Lord.

I am King.

But who's gonna listen

when I sing?

Who's gonna say

"Hey, that's nice!"

Who's gonna share my Paradise?

Who's gonna make that sacrifice?

When all alone.

All alone

am I

I am.

No reason to laugh.

No reason to cry.

No reason to live.

No reason to die.

But who's gonna make the sweet love I feel?

Who's gonna make my images real?

And how on Earth can I create

one I cannot subjugate?

Aha aha aha aha.

Aha aha aha aha.

I know what I will do.

I will split myself in two.

Now half the One I was before

needs the other half much more.

Aha aha aha aha

Aha aha aha aha.

Aha men.

© Felicity Buirski 1979.


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Aha I Am The Lord